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Best Kept Secret: Binchotan Charcoal

As natural beauty aficionados, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ingredients to use in our products. Our latest discovery? Binchotan charcoal. When we learned about its incredible detoxifying powers, our eyes lit up with excitement and our brains went to work.  It’s the best kept beauty secret on the market.


Binchotan charcoal, also known as white charcoal, is found and used widely in Japan. It comes from ubame oak, a tree known for its strength and resilience. To convert into a charcoal, the wood is burned at temperatures upward of 1000 degrees Celsius, and then covered with a mixture of earth, ash, and sand to cool it down. What’s left is a charcoal containing a blend of healthy minerals from years of life as a tree.  

Charcoal is a hot commodity for skincare products, because of its effective exfoliation and extraction of impurities. Since its composition is very porous, it’s able to absorb deep-rooted dirt and buildup, making it a dream ingredient for any skincare product. Since the scalp is an extension of our skin, we knew that charcoal would be able to tackle hard-pressing issues like build-up, itchiness, and flakiness.

By combining charcoal with a classic slew of reliable ingredients like biotin, tea tree oil, peppermint and spearmint oil, we created a formula that soothes scalp irritations while removing any dead skin, impurities, and product built up. As a result, the hair and scalp feel more balanced, moisturized, and clean.  

We’re so excited to introduce you to the products we made using this stellar ingredient. Any guesses on what they are? Let us know on Instagram using #Briogeo and @Brigeo — we’ll tell you if you’re hot or cold!