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Don’t Sweat It

Hot, hot, heat… Summer’s here and we are feeling it! The surge of high temperatures, humidity, and more time spent in the sun cause an oilier scalp, but don’t sweat it! We’ve put together a list of products and tips to keep your hair fresh and clean for the summertime:

Products To Use:

  • Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo: The weather in New York is just north of sweltering these days and a walk down the street can yield an unfortunately sweaty scalp. That’s why we like to call our dry shampoo “summer’s saving grace.” A couple puffs to the scalp soaks up any excess oil without clogging pores or causing buildup, thanks to our all-star ingredient binchotan charcoal. Use it throughout the day and feel refreshed as you walk from one activity to the next.
  • Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Spray: Having oily hair weighs your hair down and makes it look limp. To offset this, start styling with our volumizing spray. It’s rich with lemon and witch hazel extracts that dissolve excess oil and help give hair a fuller, bouncier appearance.
  • Scalp Revival Micro-exfoliating Shampoo: To keep your hair feeling light and soft, make the switch to our exfoliating shampoo as your every day shampoo or as a weekly clarifying treatment. This vegetable-derived cleanser removes dead skin and product build-up to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Less buildup means a cleaner canvas to start and end the day.

Expert Style Tips:

  • Half Up Top Knot: Why choose between up or down when you can have both? This ‘do is a cute way to keep hair up off your face while extending the time between washes. Add texture and hold with a little dash of our dry shampoo to the roots before styling!

  • High Pony: The high pony is a classic for a reason! Not only does it conceal the unwanted greasy strands, but it’s also chic and sophisticated. For added sleek factor, run a bit of our Curl Charisma Gel through hair before brushing into a ponytail. It’ll help keep your hair in place!

Have any other hair styling tips for the summer? Let us know on Instagram using @briogeo or #briogeo.

Hair Images via Pinterest.