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Our Guide to Packing Like an Instagram Jet-Setter

It’s time to grab a map, select a destination and jet-set off to wherever your heart desires. This summer calls for a much-needed adventure and today we’ll be making the packing process a whole lot easier by providing the ultimate Summer Travel guide to packing like an Instagram jet-setter. You’ll be able to hop on the plane with a perfectly packed carry-on featuring a few of our favorite travel-friendly Briogeo products that will keep your hair flawless when you’re exploring the world!

Oh the places you’ll go: Every jet-setter needs to travel in style! Start with keeping your passport trendy and safe with a cute holder! We love this Near & Far Travel holder from Anthropologie. It’ll add a touch of chic to all those airport Instas you post.

No bad hair days: There are no bad days when on vacay, and hopefully no bad hair days! Keep your hair looking fresh and clean with our Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo. It will make your life easy when you need to touch up those roots between the day’s activities.

Keep calm and style on: Of course every girl wants her hair to be looking gorgeous for those nights out on the town this summer. Luckily there’s always room in your suitcase for T3 Micro’s Compact Hair Straightener. It’s compact so it fits perfectly in any suitcase, but don’t be fooled… this tool packs some serious straightening power! Make sure to spray our Blossom + Bloom Volumizing Spray for an added touch of body and volume to complete your look. You can grab a travel-friendly version in our new Blossom and Bloom Travel Kit!

Roll up smelling great: Us jet-setters need to be innovative when freshening up during our fun-filled itinerary. We’re currently obsessed with Bobbi Brown’s Beach Rollerball Perfume from Sephora. A light, happy, and nostalgic scent that evokes warm sunshine and the sea breeze. It can fit into any bag you bring sightseeing and will keep you smelling beachy clean all day long!

Sit back and relax: Every traveler wants to walk off the plane feeling refreshed and ready for her adventure! This facial sheet mask from Sephora is your new best friend either to wear on the plane or after a long day of adventuring. It will energize and tone your skin for a fresh appearance when you arrive at your desired destination and need to feel rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Shine on babe: Our Rosarco Oil is the only styling product you need to keep your hair hydrated, nourished, and healthy while you’re on-the-go! Use on damp hair before blow drying or dry hair as needed for heat protection and long lasting hydration. Your hair will feel fresh and soft all day long!

Beach reads: For the traveler who needs to get away for the day and escape the reality of everyday life it’s always a good idea to bring a book along! We recommend Material Girl, Mystical World as one of our summer favorites! Combining the wit and charm of a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw with the stylish soul of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author shows us that it is within our power to create a life that is both intentional and fabulouswhile also contributing to a major shift in global consciousness. Definitely, a must read!

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