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Nancy’s Top 3 Styling Secrets

Hi Briogeo babes! Nancy here, to share my top hair care and styling tips that I’ve acquired over many years in the beauty industry. I started my own hair care company because I know that every woman deserves vibrant, beautiful and healthy hair no matter her hair texture or type! Keep reading to find out my tips and tricks for your healthiest hair yet!

Know your hair type – Whether you have thick, fine, dry, or curly hair, it’s crucial to know your hair type and what your hair needs based on its natural state. This is especially true when picking out the right products specific to your hair care needs.

  • For curly hair, I always suggest an ultra-hydrating shampoo because the oils in your scalp don’t travel down the hair shaft as quickly – causing dry and frizzy ends. I recommend using our Curl Charisma Hydrating Shampoo, which seals the hair cuticle, taming frizz and softening each strand from root to tip!
  • For fine hair, it’s best to avoid creamy shampoos that may weigh down your hair even more. I recommend using a clarifying and volumizing shampoo that will cleanse without stripping, drying or dulling your hair. For all my fine hair ladies, I always suggest our Blossom + Bloom Collection because these products are infused with ginseng, biotin, and vitamin B5 that work to strengthen your hair, while enhancing volume and fullness after every wash!
  • For thick, textured hair, we already know the importance of moisture and leave in conditioners. What us textured girls often forget is to clarify! Product buildup is usually the culprit of dry scalps, itchiness, and even hair loss! I always use our Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo to remove buildup deep within the hair follicle for healthy and strong roots! Clarifying once a week (or even once a month) can make all the difference.

Deep condition at least once a week – Trust me on this one, your hair needs a weekly deep conditioning treatment at least once, or sometimes twice a week depending on how dry your natural hair is. When you deep condition your hair regularly, it is more manageable, softer, and less prone to breakage and frizz. A consistent deep conditioning treatment promotes long-term hair growth and sets the foundation for healthy and vibrant hair. I recommend our Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, which works in minutes to restore essential hydration and enhance your hair’s resilience to protect against future damage.

Color that lasts – People always ask me how to keep color-treated hair from fading and how to make that “fresh out of the salon” feeling last longer than just a few weeks. I recommend keeping hair as moisturized as possible. The more moisturized your hair is, the better it will hold onto that color. It’s also very important to turn down the water temperature in the shower when washing your hair. As good as a hot, steamy shower feels, super-hot water opens the hair cuticle and washes away the dye. I suggest using our Rosarco Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray, which is infused with rosehip, argan and coconut oils which restores hair’s softness, strength, and moisture levels, while acting as a barrier against heat. Plus, this lightweight hydrator is great for all hair types!

Hope you loved my tips for your healthiest hair care regimen and be sure to check out our blog for the latest hair news from Briogeo!
X, Nancy