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The Right Hair Treatment for You: Briogeo’s Deep Conditioning Mask vs. Overnight Treatment.

Your hair goes through a lot. Between your heat tools, blow dryer, and trips to the colorist, you really need to give it the extra care it deserves. Luckily we know a thing or two about hair care, so we’ve got you covered. The best way to add some life back into your locks is by giving it an intensive weekly treatment – Something a little more heavy duty than your typical shampoo and conditioner duo. Our Don’t Despair, Repair! Collection has two options for you: the Deep Conditioning Mask and the Gel-To-Oil Overnight Treatments. Read on to see which one’s right for you!

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The Deep Conditioning Mask: For those who need a quick pick-me-up, this mask works to restore essential hydration and increase your hair’s strength and softness in minutes! It’s packed with B-vitamins, rosehip and argan oils, algae extract, and biotin, creating the perfect blend of nutrients for dry, brittle hair. We refer to this unique combination of ingredients as our NOVA Complex. NOVA stands for Natural Oils, Vitamins, and Antioxidants, which hydrate, restore, and battle breakage in all hair types. For a fast fix, apply the mask in lieu of conditioner to freshly washed hair and leave it on for 5-10 minutes in the shower, then rinse. For an even deeper condition, cover it with a plastic shower cap to retain moisture while sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes! This option is great for those with dry, damaged, color-treated and lifeless hair looking to restore essential hydration and protect hair from future damages.

The Gel-To-Oil Treatment: Beauty sleep is real and it starts with our intense Gel-To-Oil overnight treatment. This option also contains our signature NOVA complex and will repair damage and restore moisture in a similar way that the deep conditioning mask does.  You may be wondering what the significance of gel-to-oil is, and we’re here to explain it to you. Whenever you extract an ingredient from its source (i.e. avocado oil from an avocado) as soon as the oil comes in contact with the air, it begins to oxidize. Oxidation eats away at the potent and nourishing molecules within the oil. We use gel encapsulation technology to prevent the natural oils, vitamins, and antioxidants (NOVA Complex) in the formula from oxidizing. When you massage the product into the hair, you’re breaking open the gel bubble; thereby exposing damaged hair to the most fresh and potent ingredients, which will restore your hair to a healthier state. Because oil and water don’t mix, this product should be applied to dry hair before bedtime. This option is perfect for those who may not have time to dedicate towards masking in the shower. It’s also a great way to fit in a treatment session during your next workout given the product is a clear formula, so no one has to know.

The Combo: Yes, it is possible to double up on these treatments because you can never have too much of a good thing, right? If your hair is in need of some serious attention and damage control, we recommend a regimen that includes a combination of both products. Use the Gel-To-Oil Overnight Treatment before bedtime. In the morning, shampoo it out completely and immediately follow up with the Deep Conditioning Mask. This will add another layer of hydration to your locks, keeping them extra soft, shiny, and resilient to prevent future damage.

Which treatment is your favorite? Let us know below and tag #briogeo in your pictures on social – we want to know what’s most popular with our Briogeo babes.