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From Summer to Fall, Four Hairstyles To Always Keep On Call!

Seasons are always changing, but does that mean our hairstyle has to constantly change too? We have all felt the frustration of finally perfecting a look, just in time to for a new, seasonal style to come along for us to learn. Our team has put together a list of four timeless hairstyles, so no matter what time of year you find yourself in, your look will never go out of style!

B E A C H  W A V E S

Summer will soon be over, but that does not mean we have to leave the beach days behind us! Tousled, wavy locks are a sultry look that will easily transition into Fall.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: BLOSSOM AND BLOOM Ginseng and Biotin Volumizing Spray

HOW TO USE: Spray throughout clean, damp hair with focus on the roots prior to blow drying

  1. This volumizing spray naturally thickens hair and clarifies to soak up oil as it’s produced. This product works great for fine, limp hair that needs a little-added texture and volume. It is also a scalp-safe alternative for dry shampoo.
  2. Once your hair is dry, using a curling iron, section out a few pieces to curl. Then, use your fingers to break up the curls and loosen the waves. Continue using your hands to scrunch the body of your hair. Finish it off with your favorite hair spray or texturizing spray.
  3. If you feel like your hair is still too wavy, run a flat iron through your hair to smooth out your length and ends.

N A T U R A L  C O I L S |  H A L F – U P

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-In Defining Crème

HOW TO USE: After washing and conditioning, apply one or two quarter-size amounts evenly to damp hair from root to tip. Do not rinse.

  1. For added hold, layer under the Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Quinoa Frizz Control Gel (sold separately) to create the perfect blend of hydration and hold. After applying the crème, air or diffuse-dry your curls.
  2. Section out the amount of hair you want to put up, use an elastic band to tie up the sectioned hair, and pop-in a few bobby pins to hold the top section in place. You can either leave the top out like a ponytail or twist + pin the ends to create a loose topknot.
  3. This creme will help keep your hair hydrated, while the gel will define your natural coils, and work to de-frizz your hair.


Braids on Braids on Braids! With endless ways to braid your hair, it’s no wonder this style won’t be going anywhere fast. From the classic french, to the boho fishtail, to the more elaborate waterfall – there is a braid for everyone!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: ROSARCO OIL rosehip, argan + coconut oil blend

HOW TO USE: Apply a few drops to your palms, use more or less depending on hair length and thickness, and rub hands together so the treatment is evenly distributed.

  1. Gently rub palms through hair, focusing on the mid-length to ends. Treatment can be applied to damp hair before air or blow drying or it can be applied to dry hair as needed.
  2. This oil helps smooth frizz and control any unruly strands, so creating your braid will be much easier. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band and viola! The look is complete.
  3. For an added step to your style, you can also “butterfly” your braid by loosely pulling on the sections to create a bigger, more voluminous braid. Or keep it tight + thin for a sleek, classic look.

M E S S Y  L O W – P O N Y

The messy low-pony has definitely become a savior for busy women on-the-go. We all have those days when a five-minute beauty routine is all we have time for and that is why we can’t get enough of this effortless, yet chic look!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo

HOW TO USE: On your Day 2 or 3 hair squeeze the dry shampoo bottle and dispense evenly five inches away from hair, focusing at the roots. Let the dry shampoo sit for two minutes and then brush or finger through the hair thoroughly until the powder is removed. This will give your hair a quick refresh and added texture.

  1. Using your hands (no brush necessary), loosely pull the bulk of your hair back into a low ponytail. It’s ok for a few loose pieces to fall out – this is part of the effortless look we are going for!
  2. After using a hair tie to secure the pony in place, use your fingers or the back of sectioning comb to piece out and add volume to the hair.
  3. Lastly, take a one inch strand of hair and wrap that around the base of your head where the low pony starts, creating the illusion of your hair as the hair tie! You can wrap this strand around twice and tuck it under the hair tie for a tight fit.